Pimp My Pad

A party for a new apartment dweller.

Who: 30-something single mom with two kids
What: Party for 30+ guests
Where: In her new apartment

The party hostess had recently moved into a 2 bedroom flat from the house she had previously lived in. The theme of the party was "Pimp My Pad", a play on the television show "Pimp My Ride" on MTV. Guests were invited into the hostess' apartment and encouraged to write down ideas for each of the rooms. The ideas were placed into paint cans
Pimp My Pad Can

The hostess has been a collector of all things retro for some time and had many books for guests to look through and make suggestions from
Pimp My Pad decorating research

Each guest received a swag bag on their way out the door.
Pimp My Pad Swag Bags

Donations to the Swag Bag came from Ready Made magazine, MKE, Fuel Cafe and also included a disc of the hostess' favorite songs. Pimp My Pad Sawg Bag Inserts

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