Last Day of School Party

The daughter has made her decision...she has decided on the Alice in Wonderland theme. I spent a good chunk of Saturday night devising the plan of attack:

The invites are going to be made using a notecard attached to a peppermint tea bag. We will be hand-delivering these to the invitees.

Arrival Activity:
Not that this has anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, but it is a nice, colorful and tasty activity: making Fruit Loop bracelets/necklaces.

Party Activities:
Well quite obviously we will be having a tea party, however we will serve pink lemonaid rather than tea. I am looking cookie cutters to make delightfully shaped sandwiches. We will also take in a round of croquet, naturally. I have also procured inexpensive goofy hats for the girls to decorate to their whim. If there is time to fill, we may do a playing card scavenger hunt.

Party Swag Bag:
I am going to local thrift shops to locate mis-matched tea service and provide the girls each with pretty candy inside.

I so look forward to posting the final results of this party!

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