Kids Party Monday

The parties chosen for today are simply astounding all three are over the top!

The first party is a Dog and Cat theme as done by Fig and Ruby.

Oh the cuteness that these invites are...

Kitty cat bean bags. Caaaa-ute.

A brilliant idea -- allowing the girls to made up as cats or dogs.

Pretty, personalized goodie bags for the guests.

The next party is a perfect presentation for any rock star in your life, the decorations could be altered some to do a similar party for a boy. This party was presented by Personally Your Parties.

Gorgeous table top decorations

Oh goodness. Oreo fondue. I have never thought of this. And now we are going to have to try this. The sundae bar is a great addition. And really well presented here.

The favor box contained Pink Pop Rocks, nail polish, lip gloss, zebra print ring and barrettes.

This next party by Imprintables is so full of awesome I can't wait to show the pictures below.

The party invites start everything on the right foot with a very elegant overtone.

The theme of the party was Make Me Up. Each girl received a doll that had their own hairdryer, brush, clips and pins, make-up kit and beads to make their necklace.

Look at the rapt attention of the girls at the party, this is a time occupier for most ages!


amy & lisa said...

Thank you for showing my party on your blog!
I am going to be following you now! :)

Anonymous said...

Oreo fondue??? this MUST be done with the scouts. Sounds fab!!

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