Tuesday Showers

We have two up today...one baby and one bridal. However the baby shower could TOTALLLLLY be a couples wedding shower. Like totally.

That's because Jessica Claire has provided am 80's Prom theme baby shower. OMG. This is just awesome. And totally NOT said with my tongue in cheek. I really like how they did a baby shower that has absolutely nothing to do with the traditional baby shower themes.

A prize box that everyone got to pick a prize from...prizes like Cabbage Patch doll, a 45, a Jane Fonda workout book plus many other prizes.

This. Is. A. Cake. And this cake is awesome.

Each of the cards used names of guests who were at the party.

I included this so you could see the gamut of 80s prom dresses. Please do go to Jessica's site as she ha sooooo many more pictures

The second party is a bridal shower from We Are Not Martha. Very cute.

The invites, I like the added touch of the tiny jewel.

Will you please look at how yummy AND pretty this food spread is?

One BIG cupcake cake and many little cupcakes


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