Monday Kid's Parties

All in all it's much easier to locate cute girls themed parties on the Internet than it is boys...However here a great one for little boys

This is a construction party from Gallamore West. Look at the personalized construction hats.

Really how can you go wrong with yellow and black jelly beans and water?

And the goody bags. A.dorable.

And here is a Princess Tea Party from Three Little Blairs. I am always a sucker for princess tea parties.

Make up tables were set up to glimmer up!

I included this one for the chairs that are behind the girls. Fancy!

And look at how vivid the cupcakes are here. Gorgeous!

One more party. This one is from Saucy's Sprinkles and it's a party for that oft forgotten tween group.

This party had a cover girl theme.

The girls at the party all took headshots and received contact sheets.

The table was set up with mirrors and decorated with a bow. Individual sponges and shadow applicators were put out along with individual mascara, eyeliner pencil, blush and lip gloss for hygienic reasons. Everybody took home their own makeup.

Ahhh. How I love a good goodie bag. The bags were from Bath and Body Works. The socks are from Target and so are the candy-striped sticky notes, gel pens and striped tissue papers. Each bag also contained either a Twizzler, Bubble Yum or Sweet Tart and lip gloss!

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