Mmmmmm Vodka Infusion

The First Annual Vodka Infusion Party was this Saturday. It was really lovely.

As much as I am against these, we sent out invites using Evite. Something I will not be doing again any time soon. The directive on the invite was that each person was to bring a vodka they infused themselves. There would be six awards handed out (Best Vodka, Most Interesting Infused Ingredient, Hottest Vodka Infusion, Sweetest Vodka Infusion, Best Label and Best Name).

We made some of the usual fare for food (taco dips, 'lil smokies, etc.) but we added the oh so lovely vodka infused Gummie Bears

For directions on how to make Infused Gummie check out this site.

The night of the event everyone really did go all out for their infusions and really quite enjoyed themselves.

Pictures of thw winners to come VERY SOON!

Of course there were goodie bags. Phillips Vodka VERY graciously donated many items for the goodie bag.

We also included a "Hangover Cure", an idea we got from Merriment Design (and really the whole party concept was based on the linked post).

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