Ornament Exchange Party

We are moving forward with the annual ornament exchange. The event is a week from today. It's my official launch to the season. Have you attended an ornament exchange before? My initial reaction to an ornament exchange was to recoil and sigh. AHHHH too crafty (crafty in a baaaaad way). Too square. Too meh.

We resolved those the above listed issues by creating an event in our our likeness. FABULOUS! We have moved our ornament exchange around from home to bar to resrauarant and back to bar. Who is the we? It's me and my BFF Kim and this year is our 7th ornament exchange event.

Each woman (and it is all women) are instructed to bring an ornmanent to exchange. Once everyone has everyone has arrived we provide numbers to each of the guests. Starting at one and moving up each of the guests picks an ornament to open. We allow the women to open the package AND THEN determine if she wants to trade out. This year we have thrown in a theme. And why yes, we could have made it easy and gone with angels, or snowmen, or even red. But no. We are going with a seventies ornament theme.

I am making and taking three sets of ornaments and here is the insperation for the sets:



And Wacky Packs (which was the husband's suggestion...)

I imagine there will be loads of disco balls and actual ornaments for the 70's. Whoop. At the end of the exchanging we are going to provide a gift bag for the person who brought the ornament that was traded most. Should be interesting.

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