Vodka 2 Electric Boogaloo

Whooop! Our second annual vodka infusion party came and went last night.
We are already working on ideas for next years event (Vodka 3 = Mad Max Thunderdome Theme).

The awards for this event were made by the husband, and they were all sorts of awesome!

'Cause who does not need a foam finger with a breakdancer?

We had a really good assortment of infused vodkas too:

As with last year, every invitee brought an infused vodka and then all of the guests voted on 5 categories (Spiciest, Sweetest, Best Label, Best Name and Best Overall)
My own Wasabi infused vodka (Name? Oh The Humanity with a picture of the Hindenburg on the label;) lost to Blackheart (as it should have, the Blackheart HURT. Sweetest Vodka was taken by Kettle Plum. Best Name Senor Mustachio (I am pretty sure Pistachio flavored) and the best label, the very elaborate Pumpkin Spice. The husband's root beer barrel (with a hint of vanilla) infused vodka won best overall.

Lots of fun to be had

And with the closure of this party, HPM is moving on to the annual ornament exchange, a cookie exchange party for the daughter and her friends and a 60's (hopefully 60's zombie theme) themed birthday party.

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