Harry Potter Theme Party

WHO: Girl turning five who adores Hermoine and had recently won a Hermoine look-alike contest.
WHAT: Birthday party for girl turning five. 20 invitees.
WHERE: At parent's home

The invites that were sent out for this party were sent out on parchment paper with Hogwarts letterhead and sealed with a wax P (the birthday girls initial).

When guests arrived they were greeted by the entryway to Hogwarts (really the garage)
Hogwarts entrance

Once inside Hogwarts, the children each received a robe (made from black plastic table cloth) and were directed to the craft table to decorate their wizard hat.
HP craft table

The children were divided into the four houses of Hogwarts by using a baby monitor hidden underneath a sorting hat purchased at Halloween. The father of the birthday girl was able to name off each of the children while being out of sight of the children.

Once the houses were divided, the children learned all about potions and were able to create their own by mixing different colors of Kool-Aid together into plastic bottles.
Potions class

The next two activities allowed the kids to run around. There was a locate the snitch contest. This contest was followed by a house versus house broom relay race.
Broom Relay race

Finnaly, the cake was presented, the cake was based on cake that Hagrid provides Harry in the first Harry Potter book. Note that Harry is crossed out.
HP inspired cake

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