Adult Oriented Party Wednesday

More fun for the adults!

80s Theme Party
This party is from Kara's Party Ideas. Being that Duran Duran is still my favorite band...I think this is the most awesome party ever!

OMG. These invites are the greatest thing ever.

These decorations are too fab. Spraypainting the cassettes different neon colors was a stroke of genius.

For snacks she placed out all the good ones from the 80s.

Oh...how have I never thought of this cake form...

The second adult party is culled from My Insanity. A progressive dinner party. This is such a great recission idea AND a fantastic way to meet neighbors
Suite 101 provides a great overview of how to throw a progressive party.

This is a sample invite from My Insanity. V. cute.


kara's party ideas said...

thanks for the shout out!

Bill Z said...

Like the cassettes.

Since my sister was born on Christmas day, it's impossible to throw her a surprise birthday party.

I thought of throwing her a 33-1/3 birthday party about a year too late. :|

Could've used lots and lots of vinyl.

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