Day one of 50 Crafts in 50 Days

Ha. We are already two days behind on this missive I have assigned myself for the summer. My goal with this 50 days project is to test out projects to do at parties and receive the insight from the neighborhood girls.

Our first project was Chocolate Bowls. I got this idea from Accent the Party. We created these bowls with several of the neighbor girls. You can see detailed intructions at bell'alimento:

The husband helped the girls out while I took pictures.

The girls really enjoyed dipping the bowls in the chocolate.

As the how to indicates it's realllllllly important to let the chocolate cool before you start the balloon dipping. What is also important is letting the bowls freeze long enough. We wound up having the bowls in the freezer for 2 days in order to make chipping them off of the cookie sheet somewhat easy.

Here is the final result

The girls review was that it is a great thing to do to serve at a party, but not a great thing to do as an activity. My own review is that the chocolate melts pretty quick after you take it out of the freezer and every one has chocolate hands.

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