Children's Party Monday

I am kind of all over the place today. First day of the daughter's summer break. And it's her first year (in 8 years) that she has been at home for the summer. So still trying to figure out how this is all going to work out.

Today's posting is two ideas to contribute to a larger party idea and one party theme.

The first item is from Bakerella. The neighborhood girls saw me looking at these Hello Kitty Cake Pops and insisted we make these for no good reason other than they are the cutest things EVER. So it is requested, so we will be doing.
Look at these -- there are ADORABLE. Perhaps too cute to eat. Yes?

The Bakeralla blog has loads of great ideas. Visit it soon.

The second idea for a party is tattoos you can print on your ink jet printer. I love this as an addition for a Rock n Roll or Pop Princess party. It allows for more personalization specific to the party. I have found one company that seems to be the go to source for this paper. I look forward to trying these out in the not too distant future.

And onto Party Themes. This comes from Creative Parties and Showers.. A really terrific blog that shows great parties from all over the web. You can really get some awesome inspiration from this site. The party I am focusing on tonight is the owner of the Creative Parties and Showers blog. I love this disco theme and plan to use for an upcoming slumber party.

I really like the attention to detail on this invite. It's really a modern looking disco piece.

Carrying the disco theme over to the sweets table. As noted on the Creative Parties and Showers site, the cake pops were inspired by Bakerella (as seen above).

And note the disco theme carried over to the banner. A very aesthetically pleasing party that was all put together with one over riding theme carried though the whole party.

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