Tuesday Shower Ideas

These are fun! fun! fun!

I have sort gone all circus-y today and I am not sure why. As circus' tend to scare me a touch with their crazy circus folk/shriners.

The first shower idea is for a baby shower and it's a good one! This is from Design Dazzle and it's a most awesome Baby Shower favor

Using popcorn flavor Jelly Bellys in really quite ingenious.

The second shower is also for a baby shower. This comes from Most Likely Late. This is a jungle theme where milk and cookies were the primary food stuffs.

Invite to the party

Milk set-up

Cookie Setup

The final shower is a wedding shower theme. This is a shower I would never have considered in a million years. But ut works. Try a Circus theme for a wedding shower. Very fun and very charming. These samples are from Wedding Style Guide, a very awesome Australian Wedding magazine. A really great note on this magazine, they provide loads of downloads for your your use of my a really nice stylistic party.Many of their party themes could be used for baby showers, kids or adults parties as well.

Final Samples from the magazine

Drink labels. I looooooove these.

Game Cards. Print and go with them. So easy!!!!!!

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