Adult Party Wednesday

I really need to figure out a better name than Adult Party Wednesday. It sounds a little too erm....wrong.

Here are some parties ideas that don't involve the kiddies...

The first idea is inspired by a post at Celebrations.com

Rat Pat Poker Night
Consider sending out invites on plastic martini glasses with the information printed onto a tag attached to the stem or simply providing the invite on a small "airport" size bottle of gin or vodka.
Be certain to ask your guests to dress to the period.
Drinks and food stuffs should be to the period.
Some food suggestions from the sixties could include: ramaki, cheese on toothpicks,
boiled shrimp, cucumber sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, sausage and cheese balls with an olive in the middle. And the cocktails try setting up for Whiskey Sours, Seven and Sevens, and Gin & Tonics, and don't forget dry martinis.
The more I am thinking about this party -- it would also work for a cocktail party celebration of the return of Mad Men on AMC.

The second idea is a distilled spirits tasting party

Learning about the intrqucies of distilled spirits is a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night with friends. This can be done so low-key. No printed invites just word of mouth or email. Pick one spirit for the evening (i.e. vodka, tequila, scotch, whiskey). When purchasing brands, do your research in advance. Pick up a very well know brand, a highly reccomended little known brand and a brand that is inexpensive. Provide you friends with notepads to take notes about each of the different tastes of the spirits. Be certain to provide a palate cleanser (typically unflavored crackers) between each spirit to remove lingering tastes of the previous spirit.

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