Thursday is Gift Bag idea day!

I am going to quickly get this out as I fear the lovely Wisconsin weather may take advantage of the power in the house.

Please find below of great ideas for gift bags.

The Glittered Nest shows an inexpensive gift bag for an art party that included a decorated bag and art supplies.

The gift bag contents included three types of paper, small canvas, foam brush, three templates and a butterfly.

This gift bag is from Chica Schmica

First off I love a child that indicates thaey want Bananas as their birthday party theme. What I also really love is the simplicity and frugalness of this goody bag. The contents of this bag included paintchip-notepads, banana crayons (melted then poured into candy molds), noise makers, banana suckers, and little craft papers.

The final gift bag of the day is for a bachalorette party. This was posted at the Sweet Talk blog.

I adore the idea of providing goody bags for any event possible. A bachalorette party provides the perfect opportunity to give your friends some small tokens of appriciation! What is not to love about the presentation here? Chinese take away boxes are the perfect keep all for goodies as well.

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