Kids Party Ideas

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. I am updating Monday's Children Party Ideas, Tuesday Shower Ideas and today's Wednesday Adult focused parties today. Enjoy...

First up a Bug themed birthday party from Parties by Hardie. Very cute for your little bug of any age.

First off the invite is amazing...the body folds in behind the head in order to be mailed.

Happy Bugday. That phrase puts a smile on my face!

The cake is the same bug from the invite

I am a sucker for a great gift bag - look at these bug bags!!!!

The second party is a very fantastic Wii Bowling Tournament Birthday party from Pumpkin Petunia. Honestly I don't think this is limited only to kids. The adults I know would enjoy this on a Friday night with some adult libations. At my last workplace we had a monthly event called First Friday and we scheduled a tennis competition that this would also work for.

Each guest at the party received a lanyard with their Mii. Such a great take home item.

All of the guests were placed up on a wall hanging that served as the tournament bracket.

Mii birthday boy cupcakes!

Goody wii-motes. And what I love is that these are out of cardstock!

Party number three is from The Pleated Poppy. This is a pink party perfect for any precious girl going through that everything must be pink phase.

How gorgeous is that chandelier? And all she used was pink garland (although Mardi Gras beads would work) and curling ribbon.

The treat table was set up with all pink foods.

Pink and white polka dot cake. This is a very simply cake to make and yet works wholly with the theme.

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