Totally Crafty Summer

Because the child will be home this summer for the first time in 8 years, we are going to do a craft a day to test out party craft activities. The first 20 are listed below (ultimately it will be 50 Crafts in 50 Days. Let HPM know (aklbarber@HappyPartyMonkey.com) if there are any crafts you would like us to try out for you. Check back for the results and how party usable the crafts are.

20 of 50 Crafts
New sew purses
Sun print art
Chocolate bowls
Lip Gloss
Body Glitter
Guitar Pick Bracelet
Guy Fawlkes TP
Chinese New Year Hat
Bling Bling Plastic Bangle
Button bracelet
Starburst Wrapper Necklace
Altered Journal
Bath Bomb
Foaming Monster Poop
Decopage Soap
Tye Dye Tee
Little Purse
Shrinky Dink rings
LP Purse

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