Tuesday is your baby and wedding shower day

Baby and wedding showers are such fun parties to throw. These are also two parties that really allow you to go all out for your friends. There are soooooo many great ideas on the web showing how to have both stylish and fun showers.

This baby shower was produced by Positively Perfect. I would think the number could be adjusted to your specific amount of monkeys in your house. Because they allllll jump on the bed in the end. The next three pictures are from Positively Perfect.

Positively Perfect 5 Monkeys Baby Shower theme

The party favors followed the same color scheme
Positively Perfect 5 Monkeys baby shower party favors

Whenever someone I knows has a baby we have always made the newborn personalized onesies with the parents favorite bands or logos of where they work. Why not take this a step further and have all the friends create onesies at the shower?
Positively Perfect 5 Monkeys baby shower activity

The next shower I adore is from Twig & Thistle.
I love the aesthetics of the entire letterpress owl motif.
Twig & Thistle Lil Tweet Baby Shower

The color green that is used on these examples is one of my favorite shades of green. How can you not lot a baby shower that EVERYTHING matches all the way from the invites through the thank yous...
Twig and Thistle Baby Shower 2

And you can order the Lil Tweet stitch kit from Target.com

Moving onto wedding showers. I am showing a brilliant shower example and multiple examples of shower invites.

I think this is one of the best looking showers I have ever seen. I have been pulling ideas from this shower for HSM/Sharpay inspired parties. So these ideas work as well for tweens as they do for adults. The themes come Hostess with the Mostess. A woman who one of the best eyes for entertaining ever.
I have used the rhinestone name idea for several different parties on all sorts of different glasses and cups. Who doesn't like a blinged-out drink?
HWTM Bridal Shower Tabletop 1

The ring around the wine glass is such a fantastic idea.
HWTM Bridal Shower Tabletop 2

I love how the colors from all of the food and drink totally work together within the bling theme.
HWTM Bridal Party Bling Food

Finally...three examples of great wedding shower invites. Etsy is the best place to get personalized and stylish invites made up.

Ink Obsessed Designs
InkOBSESSEDDesign Wedding Shower Invite

Custom Creations
Rebizarry Wedding Shower Invite

West Willow Design
West Willow Design Bridal Shower Invite

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