Adult Party Theme Ideas

All right. My birthday is this month. And I really would not mind this cake. I heart Chanel.

This lovely cake (and other designer handbags as well) can be found at Pat-a-cake Parties

The second theme is just one of those odd fun ideas. This Staring Contest Event is from Totally Tabletops might work better as an intra-office gathering. Or really a fun event to host on a Saturday night.

This is such a great invite done up in the classic flyer style.

An example of the bracket created to keep track of who is winning the staring contest. I am going to make the argument now that staring contests may replace kickball and mustaches in the hipster world.

This is a party I am going to do in fall. This is sooooo inspiring. Big Big nod of the hat to Merriment Design. It also remind me of my husbands and my sad attempts thusly of infusing vodka. Note -- you should probably not use more than one habanero chili pepper when infusing vodka. Or Skittles. It just doesn't work.

Guests were invited to bring their own home-infused vodka. The winner would receive not only bragging right, but a terrific little trophy.

Each guest received a vodka tasting packet and voting tokens to reward their favorite creation.

As a party favor, the guests were provided with a hangover cure kit. The Merriment Design blog provides numerous templates and complete directions for the hangover kit.

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z said...

So, a Chanel cake, yes.

Iron Maiden cake, no.


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