Tuesday Shower Day

There is some really awesome themes here that I cannot wait to use. Don't forget that Happy Party Monkey is here for any of party planning needs.

The first Baby shower has been shown in several places. The work of Lollipop Eventss and Design simply too beautful not to give it another shout-out. This shower theme could work, I believe for either a baby or bridal shower.

A shower book of messages

Lollipop Events blog covers how they made these marshmellos. I do plan to use this idea sooner than later.

Individual cakes topped with marzipan bees. Soooo awesome.

Here is another absolutely brilliant idea. Provide the gift bags and let the guests fill them. Guests at this shower were able to fill the bags from the candy buffet.

The second shower is from Fete Fanatic. I.adore.the.pink.and.green. The images below are from a baby shower, I do believe this could also be used as a bridal shower theme.

So pretty - and so easy to accomplish!

Please note how the preppy color theme is being with everything!

Coordination with pink lemonaide drink.

Coordinated Ting sodas were the shower gifts. Another option might be to use Jones Soda.

The final shower of the day, and this one really could only be a Baby Shower is really quite amusing. A great theme. I found this party on the Confessions of a SAHM. It is.... a white trash baby shower.

These are mortifying. Mortifyingly awesome that is. These are poo-poo vegan cupcakes.

More food from the shower, as the sign indicates, these are wee-wee in a blanket.

This is the real topper. A dirty diaper cake.
You must visit Confessions of a SAHM and read about all of the party games. Really...this is a great theme idea for a fun shower.

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justine said...

Haha!! I am rolling!! Thanks for featuring the shower on your blog! It didn't really fit in with the other showers though. They will see all these fancy shower ideas and then scroll down to my poo poo mess!! Hilarious! Got you down for an entry. By the way I love your site. My family and I have lots of parties so I will definitely be referring back. Thanks again!


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