Catching up on the week - Monday Childrens Parties

Sorry for the catch up. Busy week with the holiday - whooop!

First up is a great decorative snack from Bakerella.

These would be excellent for an anytime summer pool party.

Bakerella provides an excellent overview of how to make these. It looks fairly easy to boot!

Second up - What child would not adore an all candy theme party. This party is from Create My Event. Excellent suggestions are provided on the website.

One of the suggestions is to have areas themed with candy names as shown above. She also suggestions several other game options. Really. You must jump over to the link to look at all of her excellent...Happy Party Monkey will be here when you get back

Another suggestion was to have the kids win tickets at different games that they could use at the candy shop.

The third kids party is mmmmmmm donuts and it comes from P Is For Party. A breakfast donut birthday party. Lovely.

Naturally the cake is made from donuts.

Oh look at these decorations. I love this. One of the commenters on P Is For Parties page suggested hanging donuts from the ceiling and having the kids try to eat them without their hands. Excellent!

Look at the cute party favors. I love the packaging.

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