Party Craft 5 of 50 Ribbon headbands

These were easy and quick to make and the girls were excited to run out of the house wearing them. I do need to resolve how to keep the ribbon on for good however.

This project was inspired by the line in High School Musical 2 (Fabulous). We were initially going to use Tiffany color ribbon and make "Tiffany" headbands.

We did realized pretty quick in that we need to use all the kids hands, plus all of the adults that were in the house. This would make for a great parnter project, as basically you take ribbon and spin it around the headband. One person hold the start of it and the other wraps the ribbon.

The girls all indicated that they really like this project and that they would be really excited to make this at a party. I thought it was an inexpensive item that could work for a vairety of ages.

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Anonymous said...

When did Miss P start wearing glasses?

The girls look divine in their fancy new head bands.


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