Wednesday Adult Parties without the kids!

I have two great adult parties and then myriad margarita suggestions for you. Whoo hoo!

The first party is a Happy Hour from Second City Soiree

She has provided the invite for anyone to save for themselves and edit their own Mon Dieu It's Monday cocktail party.

The food included Brie Tartlettes --- yummmmmy and the siganture drink was a French 77 (instructions on how to make the drink also shown on the Second City Soiree site.

Oh. My.Goodness. Will you please take a look at these hand stamped napkins. These are great!

The second party is a really tasteful dinner party for a 40th birthday from Celebrations at Home.

Please look at well coordinated this whole party is. Really any event is an excuse to sit down and have a nice looking event.

You want to know what is in those packages on the plate. Chocolate dipped oreos...super yum!

And now onto my adult party suggestions. Want to have another excellent tasting party (after last weeks Vodka infusion party)? Try a margarita tasting party. There are so many delightful recipies with different flavors. Here are a few of my favorites, along with the links from where I found them

Watermelon Margaritas from Brownies for Dinner

Red, White and Blue Margarita from Blender King

Beer Margaritas (such a sconnie drink!) from Kansas Prairie

Prickly Pear Margaritas from Wedding Bee Pro

And top off your fancy margaritas with some equally fun and fancy decorations. I spotted these on Entertain Exchange The full directions can be located at Craft Stylish

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