Wednesday is about you. The adult in your family.

I have been working on finding ideas (not just parties) that are appropriate for adults. No kids. I have been trying to find different sorts of adult-oriented events (i.e. dinner parties, tastings, etc.) Please let me know if you have some adult party themes you would like to see....

First up on Adult parties is a Cuban Dinner Party. This party is from Recipe Girl. The background on this is that she has a neighborhood gourmet dinner group, which in itself is a fab idea.

As Recipe Girl notes...having these dinner parties is a fine reason to buy new tableware.

Traditional Cuban food served at her party. All recipes are avaialble at Recipe Girl's web site.

And I would be remiss if I dont remind you to serve mojios at your Cuban dinner party.

The second party is from The Pink Shoe Cookbook. She threw a beer tasting party. This is something that strikes me as reallllllly easy to put together. All of the invitees were instructed to bring their favorite fall beer. A blind taste taste (13 rounds!) then ensued.

She put together a tasting kit that contained notepaper, a pen and a tasting glass.

Perfect foods for a beer tasting

And great fall beer selections. The winner suprised me...but you will have to link through to her site to see what won!

And my favorite party theme of the week goes to Sugarshop with the white trash theme. She provides the party in 10 easy steps!

This theme is always helped out by having an actual trailer available.

Well this is a simply a must for this theme.

No. There is a not a tutorial on how to make the garbage can. But perhaps that is an Etsy business in the making.

The menu you ask? Well, Easy Cheese, Spam and Twinkies of course.

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