Back to school party

...and the party is done! Probably one of the easiest parties we have hosted yet! The reason for the party was Back to School, however it was an opportunity for all of my daughters friends who have 18" dolls to bring the dolls over as well.

A picture of the guests of our guests. What shocked me is there were no duplicate dolls brought to the party. Two girls even dressed the same as their doll.

The first activity was to make barrettes for the dolls. We used ribbon and jewels...prettttttyyyyy.

As each of the girls finished their barrettes, they filled in a quiz about themselves that we used to play guess who answered this during our snack time.

The food "buffet". The food was divided into big and little. In addition we used plastic shot glasses as the 18" dolls cup for lemonade PLUS cut regular square napkins in half and folded. The girls LLLLOOOOVVVEED the tiny cups and napkins.

The girls all sat on the floor with their dolls, pretending to feed them. And eating both plates of food.

After snack time, the girls each created a poster for their dolls space at their homes. Oh how long you can keep girls involved with some paper, markers and glittery stickers...

The girls all introduced their dolls on the webcam. Video to be edited and sent out via private YouTube.com link to each of the parents.

We took three pictures of each of the girls; one of the girl alone, one of the doll alone and one of the girl and the doll. Each girl chose which picture they liked best and and glued the picture onto a glittery piece of craft paper and used a ribbon for the chain.

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Unknown said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!

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