Monday Kids Parties

Have you missed me?
It's been a rather long August. The wee one goes back to school tomorrow, so we have been making a point of spending some extra time together. Plus, as the way life goes, I have been ever so busy with my other businesses (and I have added one -- an Etsy.com shop - when I start posting I will place up a link).

First up on todays listing of children's party ideas is a party I saw on Jackaroolove. It's a super awesome Mario themed party. You can see all of the pictures at SwisherSweet80 's Flickr page.

Ahhhhh. The colors are so vivid and great!

Peach and Daisy hanging decorations and look at the dangling coins!

The paper pom poms were inspired by Martha Stewart, of couse.

Oh my. Would you look at this davor bar? The favor bar included Rainbow Colored Barber Poles, Mario Bros. Band-Aids found at Urban Outfitters, Red and Green Caps purchased from OrientalTrading.com, Fake Mustaches also purchased from OrientalTrading.com, Coinboxes filled with Chocolate Coins and Gum Coins, and Mario Themed Mini-Stamps found at Amazon.com.

The second party was created for adults, but I think it would work quite well for older kids...This party is from Party Obsessed Mad Scientist Party is great. Ohhhh...this would be grand for Halloween as well!

Great orb to see straight away in the party.

Drinks were served in test tubes AND


Probably not kid appipros, however awesome nonetheless...Syringe jello shots.

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