Kids Parties

Oh this first one is gorgeous. Actually. that should be GORGEOUS.
This is the single most aesthetically appealing ice cream theme I have ever seen.

This work comes to you from Eat Drink Chic

And I know you wont believe this, but Amy is generous enough to provide templates and font and stores from where to purchase items. Ai. I heart Eat Drink Chic.

The pictures:

And you can find so many more pictures at her site. And did I mention -- FREE TEMPLATES!

The next party is from Designing & Motherhood. This Dog Adoption party is both fun AND frugal. Also...this party could be adapted to just about anything cats, dinosaurs, birds, dolls, etc.

This party is excellent in it's use of items ALREADY OWNED. Love it!

This mother purchased plenty of stuffed puppies when they were on sale at Wal-Mart. The party revolved around going to different stations.

The first station is above. The "Adopt a Puppy" station. She created her adoption certificate in MS Publisher.

Stations two and three were bathing and grooming. Look at the use of items the family already had!

Station four, why the vet check-up of course. Yes. I am going to point it out again. USING A HOUSE THEY ALREADY HAD!

I am a sucker for picture opps at parties. Namely because the picture can be used for part of the goodie bag.

There are more stations...I strongly encourage you to take a look at Designing & Motherhood

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