Thanksgiving Fun

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house. And that means the peanut and I must be kept occupied while the husband and my mother actually make the food. What are we going to be doing in the lead-up time? A whole lot of fun things.

I found these printable Thanksgiving themed fortune cookies on Kind over Matter. Being that it's Peyton and me, we will likely put something silly in there rather than nice, happy Thanksgiving messages.

The child will love the tiny cornucopias I found on My Insanity because they are the perfect size for her American Girl dolls. I think they are highly amusing because of their tiny-ness.

Oh Martha. These are a perfect centerpiece. Very retro. And, for once, it's a Martha Stewart project that I may have patience to make.

I believe the Oreo Truffle recipe that I found on Skip to my Lou is for kids. But I am reading the title as Easy Oreo Truffle for Andrea. This will be my second food contribution to Thanksgiving.

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