Working on a couple parties

And they are all to be contained in this house.

The first came out of my daughter reading through a 2010 calendar.
The theme

I am not really certain how we are going to go about this. I am thinking that we will probably do masks of his face and adhere them to Popsicle sticks. And have cupcakes. My brother suggested to see a play in Abraham Lincoln's honor. Bwaaa ha ha ha.

When I think about Abraham Lincoln, I tend to think of the work of one of my favorite artists - Mark Ryden. Much of his work contains Abe somewhere....

The second party is the darling daughter's 9th birthday. She has not provided me with any clear theme direction. Spa? Pop Star? CSI? American Girl Dolls? Japanese Tea House? Aghhh. The decisions I have laid upon her tiny shoulders.

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