Alas. The Rock n Roll Party. 9 Year Old Girl Style

It has taken me nearly a week to get back on with my life after this years party. Whooops.
Pretty good stuff here.

The final two themes were Spa or Party like a Rock Star. And...Party Like A Rock Star won out. And it was Party Like a Rock Star. For 11. Eight and nine year olds. Over night. A slumber party.

The invites went out two weeks before the party.

We used some old 7" records and created a new label with the party information. Note to self. When you use death metal 7" records, be sure to make sure nothing is etched into the record. We forgot. And whooo boy. Did Peyton's school let us know about that.

We didn't do much for decorations this year, other than hanging these tiny records

Which now reside in the daughter's American Girl's "bedroom"

When the girls arrived, as I strongly believe in having something to do until everyone arrives, I had purchased color and letter beads and chain necklaces from Michael's for the girls to place their name on a necklace.

And then....the pizza arrived

Which is only the precursor for getting ready to rock out.

Grandma and Grandpa bought Peyton a karaoke machine for her birthday. And gave it to her early so it could be used at the party. I knew the girls would like it. But man oh man oh man. Did they LIKE it.
A montage can be seen here

Eventually, we moved on to a dance party complete with a Soul Train line

This could have gone on allllllll night. BUT we finally pulled the plug in order to have yummmmm CUPCAKES!

Post cupcake and gift opening. We had the girls play Truth or Dare. But not with their own questions and dares. Because I am not crazy. We found a great list of both that were easily editable here. I cut all the truths and dares and put them in separate bags and allowed the girls to pick out. The questions were edited to appropriate for the age of the girls at the party. This is another item the girls did not want to end.

We finally got the girls to all get their sleeping gear into the living room for the night and they enjoyed watching G-Force and Marley & Me.

The next morning the girls were treated to the husbands becoming infamous chocolate chip pancakes. Yum!

And of course, each and every girl left with a delightful gift bag containing a t-shirt, rock out stickers, temporary tattoos and candy candy candy

The t-shirt, you say you can't see it clearly? Here is a close-up. As a bit of a backgrounder -- the child -- she likes cats. Just.A.Bit.

My understanding from the girls I have been able to corner, is that the party was quite enjoyable. Whoooop! Oh and the t-shirts...quite popular. Many of the girls wore them to school the next day.

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