So sad. I started this post back in April. And am just finishing it now. Ah well.....

I cam across a new site that I have bookmarked and will be going to back to for the loads of YUMmy recipies listed within. Jewels from the Roving Stove. A FANTASTIC site. She is for certain a foodie. And she has lived a fabulous life (and I am particuarily endeared to how relistic she talks about her life - everything is not all Chanel handbags and unicorns and rainbows).

Want to know what has truely endeared me to this woman? These cookies.

Here is her complete overview. This is one cookie the tiny one and I are making this summer - for certain.

Sure. I will be upfront and admit the sole reason I initially went to her blog is because she is Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran's ex-wife. 14 year old me would have continues to totally hate her. 40 year old me -- well I really enjoy reading her blog and seeing the food that she is making. And as I said before reading that her life is, in effect, very similar to mine.

While your at it - go fan her page on Facebook too.

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