Oh goodness

We have had a couple of projects that we have worked on that have turned out a touch on the 'eh side.

First off we made Peepshi right after Easter (when there are loads of Peeps on sale). We found the idea at Serious Eats. Perhaps you are asking - what is Peepshi? Why duh. It's Peeps Sushi. And the thought of it amused me to no end.

Above is the picture of Serious Eats Peepshi. Very, very very lovely.

Here is our day of peepshi making:

Pretty sticky and I think the girls were fairly frustrated with the project. Worse yet. After about 20 minutes of working on this, the child that is not my daughter realized that since she just got spacers, she would not be able to enjoy the creation (due to all of the stickiness). Which, of course, made me feel horrible that I planned a fun thing that she could not eat.

The next craft that I thought would be super dooper easy. Ha!

Jelly Bean Bracelets.

Jelly Bean Day was the same day as Earth Day. Since I am not the hugest fan of nature (see Pave the Earth), I came across this activity when I was trying to figure out what else I could celebrate. The directions and fantastic pictures can be found at Sarah J.

Even as an adult I found the stringing of the plastic thread and the needle difficult. The girls found it more so. As indicated in Sarah J's post, you really do need to use the table to get the needle through the jelly beans. This put the girls at a disadvantage pretty quick, as you needed a moderate amount of strength to get the needle through.

The final result? Above. Very cute (Jelly Belly's have such prettttty colors).

Both were the sort of craft that look awesome -- but perhaps not for the younger girl.

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Shari said...

Peepshi - that IS funny. :)

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