Summer Loivin' had me a blast....

The 9 year old has now become obsessed with Grease (which, well, that's all right in my book -- I always liked Grease more than the HSM series). So the title song - yes - stuck in my head. Daily.

I have been working on the summer plans for the child (and me) for the last week, as school ends this week. Agh! As opposed to last summer, I do actually have steady work this summer (my full time job is marketing alchemist (check that out at ApothecaryComm.com)). So I needed, neh, wanted to come up with an organized way of having an awesome summer (that also included writing, math and learning and, erm crafting and cooking). I felt this might (MIGHT) be a touch less hardcore than my 50 crafts in 50 days goal last summer. So after reading this post from 30 Handmade Days entitled Summer {home} school, I came up with my own plan...

My own, somewhat overachieving plan you ask?
Each week this summer break will have a theme....
Animals, Art, China (the country -- although now that I think about it -- place settings may be interesting), Laura Ingalls, Money, Two Historical American Girl doll time periods, family, royalty and science.

During each week we will:
Go to the library (to check out books on the themes PLUS read books towards all of our summer book reading freebies (check those out here FREE BOOKS FOR KDIS), a craft (such as the below lovely from Merriment Design that we will do during Family Week

We will also be making some sort of food stuff item. Which as we all know is chock full of irony. Because I don't cook. Or Bake. Very well. So we will see how the Maple Candy turns out during Laura Ingalls week.

Picture from Dinner Celebration

The child will also need to write in her journal, with questions I have already written up, and relate to the subject of the week. Like the ever so popular "What is your favorite cloud shape" question during weather week. And you want to know how mean a mommy I really am? There are math worksheets too. Cause that's how I roll.

I look forward to updating the site on a weekly basis to see if this pans out EXACTLY as I plan it (bwaaaa ha ha ha). Wish me luck.


Shari said...

I also love Grease, and the girls know it. Whenever they see it's on TV they turn it on. Hubby always leaves the room rolling his eyes because he knows there is much singing and dancing to follow.

Miss Andrea said...

Ha! I am still trying to determine the age that Grease 2 can be aired in the house!

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