It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer....

Ok. Really I was simply looking for a reason to invoke the best girl group of all time. And Cheers Then...didn't really work with the subject matter. Oh but please enjoy the video anyway.

ONTO Day one of summer break.
As I mentioned before this summer I am working. Albeit from home...but working nonetheless. I made it my mission to come up with a series of occupiers for the child.

The first one I took from 30 Handmade Days who had a post from Everything Nice. An absolutely brill idea of a job jar. Things that need to get done before one can play on the Wii or with friends for that matter. This was the first thing the P did when she got up this morning. Whipped the 7 activities out....
Here are our job sticks

Hopefully the enthusiasm for the job sticks will continue right on through summer!

The second item we are implementing (starting tomorrow) is the "We Were Never Being Boring" jar o' activities.
Yes, the name is derived from my favorite Pet Shop Boys song....

The jar now contains myriad possible activities to occupy oneself. No more of the "I'm Boreds..."

I most certainly must name check Somewhat Simplee via Skip to My Lou for this fab idea. I used some of their activity suggestions and came up with more of my own. Email me if you would like a PDF of the jar inserts....

As I mentioned in a previous post, we also have weekly themes. This week is Animals. So far the P has written in her journal, done math problems and checked out books at the library about animals. Yeeeee haaaa.

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