Back to School Party 2010 Style

We are working towards our plan for our 2010 Back to School party.
With the new Harry Potter movie coming out shortly after school is back in session, I am pushing for a lovely Harry Potter themed party.

We have already had one HP themed party, for the P's birthday. You can read about that party here.

I have been looking at some of my favorite blogs for insperation

Hostess with the Mostess has some very gorgeous ideas including these drinks...

And these yummy wands can also be found on her site.

The following images are from Little Ant Design. I addddddddoooore her Harry Potter work and will be certain to adapt the following for our back to school party.

The wand shop.

Potion Class

Three Broomsticks To Go Bags (which I will use for goodie bags)

These were used to place the movie pass in, however just as lovely for the actual invite we will be sending out....

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