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Manners was not something I focused on last summer. Well...other than my preoccupation with creating a Manners Boot Camp. After watching my daughter and her friends, and the other kids that run about, not to mention all the kids and adults I don't know, manners ARE important. And it appears to be a lost art in today's society. Granted, I say that as a person more likely than most to drop an f-bomb. But I do have the distinct advantage of having actually gone to charm school.

Today's manner...
Write Thank You Notes
I am not certain at what age people are under the impression they get a pass on writing thank you notes, but this is a lifetime activity. No, not a thank you email. an actual hand-written thank you note. Does a salesperson take you for coffee, write a thank you note. Has a neighbor done a favor for you? Write a thank you note. Did you organize a speaker to come and speak to a group? Write a thank you note. Did you child spend the night and do an activity with another family? Write a thank you note. There is probably not one situation in life that does not require a simple thank you. And handwriting the note provides some actual warmth to your thank you.

With this next generation growing up in a world of technology, where there has never not been a computer or a mobile in every house, parents need to set an example by sending out thank you notes themselves.

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