Perhaps a Simple Night at the Winchester Would be Better

I was sitting here, trying to think of a good theme that I have not covered, while watching the terrific Gorillaz documentary Bananaz

While watching the docu, it occurred to me that Jamie Hewlett's (Jamie is the illustrator behind the Gorillaz) design firm is called Zombie Flesh Eaters. Hey....there's a theme. ZOMBIES. You know, plus one of my favorite movies?

Shaun of the Dead.

So....I went off in search of some of the best Zombie parties the internets has to offer. I was not able to find a full party out there. But bits and portions everywhere.


From MackerelMade

Fancy Dress?
Take the lead from these images (all found on Flickr.com and attributed underneath to photographer).


Mark Lobo


Well really. There is only one thing zombies are looking for braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.
But your guests would probably want more - eh?
I would love to state that a zombie party is probably the one and only situation in the aughts that you could probably get away with serving cannibal sandwiches, which I love, but apparently, not too good to eat raw meat. WHATever.

Other foodstuffs?

Zombie Cupcakes (from xsomnis)
Or how about a bowl of spare ribs?

Well quite obviously there is drink called The Zombie, this one is called the Zombie for a reason, so be careful with this one. Another obvious choice is the Bloody Mary. And a personal college favorite of mine -- The Swampwater; another potent drink.

I would love to see other Zombie parties...send me links if you come across any.

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