Three is the Magic Number Part one

We held our Third Annual Vodka Infusion Party this weekend. And it was yummy. But let's back up shall we....
Since it was the third year of the party - we debated for a good long time about whether we were going to go with a Beyond Thunderdome theme:
Two vodkas enter - one vodka leaves....
Or A Die Hard 3 theme
Rye Hard Three - With a Vengeance

 In the end - how can one go wrong with School House Rock
or De La Soul

 You can't. That is the correct answer.

 So year one we had small trophies and last year we had foam number one fingers This year?
We found bowling trophies FOR FREE at a garage sale (five of them!!!!!). The husband took the bowling pins and bowling people off of the trophies. We (my friend Laura and I) spent Labor Day weekend drinking down tiny bottles of UV blue so we could have tiny vodka bottles to adhere to top of the trophies. The husband then spent some time spray painting the tiny vodka bottles gold.
And actually getting them on the trophies
Which was, probably, the largest amount of prep we did in advance of the party.

 Other than our own infusions
Mine was candy infused -- hence Candy-o

 The husband did Tang and Vanilla Bean.
Simply so he could name it Wu-Tang. Heh. He won the best vodka name

 Other entries?
This was the best overall vodka. And I am still not sure what was in it. But it was smooth. Lando Calrissian smooth.
Chocolate infused vodka. This won for sweetest. And it was. Even though it beat mine. WHATever.
This is Mountain Dew Infused Vodka. And it tasted exactly how you would expect Mountain Dew infused vodka to taste like. It tastes like high school.
An awesome case of pandering to the hostess. Sour grape I believe this was. I like sour. So I quite liked this.
The winner of the best label. AND ANOTHER SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK REFERENCE! Lolly lolly lolly! More pictures and whatnot tomorrow. Miss Andrea is ready to put the computer down for a tiny bit.

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