2012 Cookie Exchange

And I am back.  I am committing myself to being better to all three of my blogs this year.  I love this blog.  This blog helped me keep my sanity between being laid off and starting my own marketing consultation.  I will focus on IRLparties, awesome invites and goodie bags and favors.....  

And with that.  Here is the 2012 Annual Cookie Exchange as hosted by my daughter.

The cookie exchange tends to be about 20 girls and craft crazy two hours.

As with any party we host with kids - there was a schedule we stuck to.

Arrival Craft

Sharpie MugsDecorating mugs with Sharpie Markers.  An idea found here.
I understand from more than a few parents that these were provided as Christmas gifts.  Super easy.  And a great excuse to buy more sharpies.

The next activity was making washer bracelets.  How I did not manage to not take one single picture of these.  No idea.  I will take a stab though and guess it was having 20 kids in my house.  The husband wound up taking each girl in the garage and pounding what ever three letters she wanted on the washer.  It was a little more difficult than I anticipated.

Graham Cracker Candy Cane SleighFrom there the girls rapidly loved onto making graham cracker candy canes sleighs.  We simply used candy canes, graham crackers and marshmallows.  Plus frosting as glue.  A little messy.  But nice and time consuming as well.
Cookie ExchangeCookie ExchangeAnd then yeah! Cooooookies!  Onto the cookie exchange itself.  Each girl was required to bring two dozen cookies so that each girl would then receive one new cookie.  It's really nice to try other people's cookies since we tend to make the same ones every year.

One Direction Gingerbread MenDid I mention this? No I did not.  One girl brought super awesome One Direction Gingerbread Cookies.  It brought a tear to my eye.  Pretty sure I have two Louis' here.
The final activity, and again, wait what? No pictures?  Was the incredibly easy Shower Curtain Ring Yarn Ornaments.  My daughter has now become obsessed with making these.  One of those easy things you can do with your hands while not paying in particular attention to it.

And then they all went home.  THE END.  Until December 2013.

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