Minecraft Party Favors

We are coming up on two years of having our daughter be Minecraft obsessed.  We have NOT had a Minecraft birthday party (much to my shock).  We have, however, used school days off to have what I, lovingly, refer to as nerdfest.  This nedfest is where her friends come over for 8 hours and they do NOTHING but play Minecraft the entire day.

Anyway.  Should we ever have ever had a Minecraft birthday party we would have been certain to include the following ideas.  Click on the images to go to the sites from where I have located these images.
Partylicious Events has an incredibly inspiring blog post on hosting a Minecraft party.  Theis Creeper candy holder is pretty adorable.

Creeper Perler Bead Pins (though you could also make barrettes) from the Magpie Kitchen
More Perler Beads!  This time combined with the ever popular rubber band bracelets. This glow in the dark version is pre-made and can be purchased from Little Shop of Pixels on Etsy.
Seriously what kid would not LOVE these Minecraft inspired cookies.These cookies can be purchased from Crows Custom Cookies on Etsy.

Easy Creeper Treat Bags, also from the Magpie Kitchen
Because I believe every party should have a t-shirt to commemorate it.  These creeper shirts from Southern Revivals is PERFECT.
Not everything is Creeper.  Sometimes it is Steve.  These are some pretty awesome Steve bags from Falling Apples.
What party favors have you done for YOUR Minecraft party?

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