Cookie Exchange 2013

Um.  Yeah.  It has taken me a bit to get around to uploading this.
The child had her annual cookie exchange with a mere 18 other girls.
We do the usual - bring several dozen and leave with new cookies YEAH!

The Cookie Exchange is never just about cookies.  There HAS to be crafts (HAS TO!)

 The first craft of this party was to create etched glasses.  Using this tutorial from The Yummy Life each girl was able to personalize a glass.  By the way the glasses were a score from a summer garage sale where we bought several dozen for $5 - whoo hoo!

Each girl also created there own 8-bit Perler bead bow clip.  So many colors.  Want a tutorial on this?  We got this idea from, and followed the instructions of the truly awesome and inspiring Cupquake.

Oh and then there were the glitter ornaments.  HA. Oh my.  Three weeks later and we are still finding glitter about the house.  I do not love the glitter.
Anyway - these ornaments are quite pretty.  And cheap.  
The tutorial for this one can be found on the The Swell Life blog.
We had the girls use the stickers from the the glass etching to personalize their ornaments.  As you can see there are several going though a bit of a Walking Dead phase.

The final bit.  The actual cookie exchange.  Yes.  Those are Dr Who cookies in the foreground.  Quite adorbs (last year there were One Direction cookies - these girls go ALL OUT!).  Because the table was still awash in glitter, the girls noshed on several cookies from the floor.  Made life easier for everyone.  The punch?  Oh that is a pocketfull of yum.  It looks like UV Blue though does it not?  This is Tiffany Punch.  Directions can be found for this punch on the MrsHappyHomemaker blog

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