Body Glitter Craft 3 of 50

When my daughter got wind of Liiby Lu closing she was very distraught and I promised her we would mangage to figure out how to make everything that could be made at Libby Lu. This is the first item. The directions we used are somewhat based on an article from Suite 101.

The directions provided were much higher maintenance than I needed them to be, so I simply bought inexpensive aloe vera (which already includes gycerin) and was colored green.

I had the girls stir pink glitter into the aloe vera. Which made for a nice preppy look.

This was a fairly messy project, however the girls loved getting the body glitter all over themselves.

All three girls indicated this is a great party project. The project took about 20 minutes to make.

As far as storage I would have preferred some sort of cup with a cap, but we made do with the plactic capsule shown above.

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Anonymous said...

Was the lotin aborbed right away or were the girls "tacky" and glittery?

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