No Sew Purse Craft 2 of 50

This project is from Martha Stewart Kids.

This was a fairly simple project, thanks to the template provided by Martha Stewart kids. The biggest lesson learned is to make sure your tacky glue has not separated and therefore does not glue before you start the project. Also, when Martha tells you to have a hole punch, have a hole punch. We worked our way around the glue issue by using stick on gems and the holes for the strap we used a nail to go through the felt.

We chose to keep the template the size that printed out rather than enlarging by 150% (as reccomended by Martha Stewart Kids). In keeping with the small size, we realized this is perfect size for the American Girl dolls. As we are planning an American Girl doll party in July, we have realized a perfect craft for the girls to work on.

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Anonymous said...

Careful with that...next thing you know Mattel is going to offer you a contract!

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