Monday are all about the Kid's Parties

The first party is from Inchmark.

This is a polka dot theme party for her daughter. She did an astounding job of making sure polka dots were worked in everywhere...

What's a party without a crown?

Even the food has polka dots!

I love how this favor is small but because it is well designed it seems like alot.

The second kids party is from Lollipops Event & Design. I am starting to think this company does no wrong. Everything event they touch looks gorgeous!

This party was for a girl turning 1. Lollipops Event & Design used a fairytale for the theme and ooooh...I can't stop cooing enough about this.

The final party is for a boy. I realize I tend to be a touch heavier on the girls parties. My neighborhood is filled with a ratio of 9:1 in favor of girls...The final party is from Kara's Party Ideas and it's a delightful car theme.

This cake is simply fun!

Kara created cardboard cars to race about the yard.

Oh goodness. Look at the picnic table. Now THAT'S attention to detail.

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